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Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices vary a lot as you can well imagine. A larger car is more expensive than a smaller car, but car detailing prices also vary according to how well the interior has been taken care of. Car detailing prices also vary according to where you live and whether you have your car collected or you deliver it to the depot yourself. Usually, you will be given a list of car detailing prices for specialist cleaning options.

Car Detailing Prices

When a car has been detailed (US) or valeted (UK) properly by a professional, that car will look as near new as possible. Obviously, if the carpets are frayed, there is nothing anyone can do about that except replace them.

Despite the high quality of interior detailing, you may be surprised at car detailing prices. According to the Auto Detail School the average price charged by its independent members is between $150 and $200 per car. That is for the full service, inside and out, and should take between three and five hours to complete.

Lower car detailing prices can be found at high volume places such as used car lots and car washes, where you can expect to pay between $65 and $125. The quality of service is unlikely to match that of the independent professional car detailer though.

It matters a lot where you live with general car detailing prices seeming to rise steadily from the east coast to the west coast. The full hit in the east could cost you about $300, but $600 in the west with the Midwest falling in between the detailing prices

Actually prices vary a lot, so if you are looking for someone or a company to perform vehicle detailing for you, you should ask around. Some places will charge you $50 just to vacuum your carpets. OK, they will take the seats out and empty the boot too, but it is still $50.

Another part of the car that is often overlooked is the engine. Most modern engines stay quite clean, but if you want to have it steam cleaned expect to pay about $300. This again is a lot of money and they can do it a lot more quickly than you can, but they have just the right equipment, engine bay, degreasers and cleaning fluids.

Have you ever spilled a bottle of milk in the car? That awful smell can linger for weeks and weeks, especially if the weather is warm. However, you can have the smell removed at once with 'ozonation' for a one-off fee of $60-$75, but this is one of the specialized interior detailing prices that you can come across.

So who pays these top end car detailing prices? Well, people with expensive cars, people trying to sell their car, fleet operators and the government, although they can usually expect a discount because of the volume.

Typical vehicle detailing services at a car wash or second-hand car showroom might include:

exterior: shampoo washing and wax polishing of the paint work and chrome, window cleaning inside and out, tyre cleaning

interior: vacuuming of the carpet, washing of the mats, cleaning and polishing of all leather and vinyl surfaces, including the dashboard, the seats, the doors, the trim and the rear view mirror.

The cost of a detailing package like this might be around $60 for a car and $90 for a SUV, but as I said before car detailing prices vary a lot and so does the quality of the result.





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